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Proclamation, Planting, Partnership, Prayer, Preparation and Praise:

These “six P’s”, as we call them, capture the heart of our mission: to proclaim God’s Word and plant churches among the lost, all in partnership with God’s people. In all we do, our accompanying passion is to activate believers toward Great Commission works by inspiring them to praise, equipping them to pray, and preparing them to go.









After a widespread survey of northern Ghana in 2011, it was decided to launch a coordinated effort among the Komba people, a subgroup of the nearly 600,000 Konkomba.


Demonstrating a unique openness to the gospel, many Komba villages have openly invited the presence of Christian workers. Responding to this open door, OneWay Africa is currently partnering with nearly 20 national and international ministries to see the Komba reached for Christ in this generation. With a focus on local leadership training, evangelism and church planting, we are seeing a people movement begin. Currently, 30 key Komba leaders are receiving ongoing training and 45 new churches have been planted.


We are also committed to compassionately meeting one of the most significant physical needs facing the Kombas: access to clean water. In 2014, it is our goal to provide water filtration units to families in 22 targeted villages, vastly improving their physical well-being and opening doors for the  message of the Living Water as well.


We are also passionate about seeing the Mamprusi people reached with the good news of Jesus Christ as soon as possible. With a strategic focus on training local leaders, we have identified and begun training key local believers eager to be used to reach their own for Christ. We are seeing these leaders, in turn, train others as they move out to proclaim God’s Word and establish village-based churches.


A key component to reaching the unreached is to get the Word of God to them in a format they can easily understand. Because many learn better through oral communication than the written word, OneWay Africa, in conjunction with OneWay International, has made it a priority to develop an audio evangelistic and discipleship tool that we call BIBLEplus+.


The Komba BIBLEplus+ was first developed in 2013 and we continue to expand its content. Filled with Scriptures, Bible stories, testimonies, worship music and community health information, the BIBLEplus+ is a handheld, solar-powered device that serves as a “missionary” in each home or village where it is placed. It is our desire to saturate unreached areas with these devices, paving the way for new churches to form as people come to a saving knowledge of Christ.


As we work among the Komba people of Northern Ghana, we want to address not only their spiritual needs, but one of their greatest physical needs as well: clean water. Because of many waterborne diseases and a lack of good water sources at certain times of the year, we are committed to providing water filtration units and, in some cases, boring holes for those who need them most. This not only demonstrates Christian compassion, but creates an even wider door for the Gospel message.  A Ghanaian-manufactured water filtration unit utilizing unique and cost effective technology can provide a family with the ability to filter their water for a cost of $25.


This long-standing, powerful missions tool is now available in an easily transportable pack that allows us to set up and show this story of the life of Jesus (taken word-for-word from the gospel of Luke) in remote village settings where audio/video formats are rare. Even rarer are films in the heart language of the people in northern Ghana. As we show the film in the language appropriate to where we are on any given night, we see crowds gather and many, many people respond to the invitation to have new life in Christ. The JESUS Film is proving to be one of the most strategic tools we have in proclaiming Christ and establishing new fellowships of believers among the unreached.


Through free media tools that inspire prayer, we work to see countless believers equipped to engage in world-changing prayer.  In partnership with OneWay International, we create and release resources that make the needs of the world known and teach believers how to effectively participate in the Great Commission through prayer. Visit to access some of these compelling resources.


Through live and recorded worship, the OneWay Africa Music Group seeks to spur believers on towards Christ-exalting worship and Kingdom-advancing work. We also seek to encourage and facilitate the recording of indigenous gospel music among the unreached people groups on northern Ghana, specifically the Kombas and Mamprusis.


We have found athletic games and activities to be a powerful tool for evangelism, discipleship and church planting. In addition to training believers in the use of this highly effective tool, we provide hands-on experience by hosting sports outreaches that evangelize and disciple the next generation.



In conjunction with our desire to activate believers for the Great Commissions, we regularly provide short-term mission opportunities  that allow teams to boost the efforts of existing workers. Whether it be a trip focused on leadership training, sports evangelism or village surveying, it is our hope and prayer that such missions will fuel field efforts and raise up new harvest workers. If you are interested in learning more about our future short-term mission opportunities, please email us at

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