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It is really difficult to find the right words to describe what I experience whenever we go to the Komba Mission-fields to hold the training sessions with the Komba Church Planters and Disciple-Makers. In my first mail after our recent trip, I remember describing it as an “heavenly” experience. And it truly was.


On each trip, apart from the Jesus Film Outreaches, distribution of BIBLEplus units and other outreaches/programs, a major feature of our trips is the training sessions in both the Zamashegu and Gbintiri zones. We  train the Komba Leaders

 and they would go and put into practice what they have been taught. We then go back to undertake more training but they first report back what they have been doing and how the Lord has worked through their lives with what they learnt etc etc.


Those times of feedback/reporting/testimonies are just too awesome. There are always too many testimonies than we can have time for. To witness their obedience, faithfulness, simple faith and boldness in applying what they have learnt, is so overwhelming.


They go out in humility but in boldness to make disciples and in this period under review, new Churches have been planted, new Discovery Bible Study Groups have been started, Witch Doctors  and Chiefs have come to faith in Christ as well as many  Idol Worshippers and Muslims. There a number of previously “Hard-Hearted” Komba men who persecuted the Believers who are now saved and are preaching the Gospel and planting Churches. PTL!!


The number of Komba Church Planters also continue to increase as they go out to reproduce disciples and leaders. There were 60 leaders at each training making it a total of 120.  There were some leaders who have reproduced leaders up to the 6th Generation. PTL!! The is also continues to use the BIBLEPlus in amazing ways.


Since this is a pictorial report, I will share just three of the many testimonies ( below the pictures) in this Update and will share the rest through other means.


Between September and November, I have done a couple of International trips to the US, Kenya and Thailand. I thank the Lord for safe travel and I am grateful to the OneWay Leadership for having me at the OWM Headquarters once again and to Pioneers for inviting me to their conference in Thailand. I was also at the Sports Ministry Conference in Florida. All the trips impacted me very much and I learnt many new things. In October I was involved in the training of Leaders from Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria in Sports Ministry programs and I trust they will be Disciple-Makers in the respective countries.


We are taking off to the Komba mission-field once again and will very much appreciate your prayers for a fruitful trip with the protection of the Lord.

1. Field Reports

1.1 - BIBLEPlus aids in new Church Plant


Emmanuel Agbenyo, one of OneWay Africa's Interns went  with a small Komba Team to a Muslim community  to share the gospel with them. They were chased away, however three conversions took place. They returned later and held a church service for the new believers but they were chased away a second time. They then felt led to use the BIBLEplus units as the primary way of reaching the village.


They taught the three new believers how to use the BIBLEPlus+  devices for  listening groups and the Lord blessed their efforts. This time around no one chased them away and many more Muslims came over to listen to the word of God. There were more decisions for Christ as a result and the new  church now has grown to have 30 members who worship regularly.


1.2 - 18 Muslims come to Christ at Karaga

Another OneWay Africa Intern, Joshua Gumah, was sponsored by OneWay Africa to join an EYO Team from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology who had made a request for OneWay’s assistance with the Jesus Film and BIBLEplus units.


Their destination was Karaga in the Northern Region (an area not that far from Kombaland). Karaga is said to be over 95% muslims though it has a lot of Komba inhabitants.  The strategies they used included the Jesus Film and door to door outreaches. Some BIBLEplus units were also distributed and used during the outreaches. 18 muslims came to faith in Christ during this EYO student-led mission. PTL!!!


Joshua shares this testimony:  "One of the  groups shared the good news with an entire Muslim household and everybody there got converted and saved. These new converts joined willingly in the next Sunday service and were also always around for the film show outreaches. Another group also met a Muslim man  who after sharing the word of God with him, also gave his life to Christ and asked his name be changed from Mohammed to a Christian name.


They gave him the name Peter and he joined us for the door to door outreaches proclaiming his new faith boldly and interpreting for us. Also two men after a group had shared the word with them decided to give up Islam and give their lives to Christ. I personally loved their enthusiasm and readiness to deny Islam to follow Christ".



2. Trainings/Activation

We continue to thank the Good Lord for the doors He continues to open for OneWay Africa to activate and equip the Body of Christ to exalt Christ Jesus and to advance His Gospel to the Multitudes.


I am so glad OneWay Africa Board Member, Jeff Korum was able to join me to facilitate one of the sessions at the training we had for Operation Serve in August. I facilitated five subjects this month and this included Cross-Cultural Communication, Church Planting, Sports Ministry and Chronological Bible Storying. These fresh Graduates will be going to serve on various mission-fields across Ghana in September.


Jeff Korum and I also facilitated different sessions at the International Pastors and Ministers Conference which had the theme “Kingdom Advancement: Accelerating the Great Commission”. My two topics were Disciple Making and Church Planting Movements in Africa and Strategic Mission Partnerships. Jeff Korum’s topic was African Missions Leadership. There was fabulous feedback from the Pastors and Leaders and a coupe of them have signed up for us to do more mobilisation and training at their Churches.

The trainings I undertook this August also included a Ubabalo Sports Ministry Training at Cape Coast where 13 Christian leaders were trained and equipped for effective ministry in their area and beyond.



3. Kenya Trip

This month I made a brief trip to Kenya to attend ISC meetings with a key Foundation. I learnt many lessons that will help OneWay Africa in the future in Support Raising. A colleague from Niger who was at the meetings also held discussions with me about the possibility of OneWay Africa partnering with them for Disciple-Making/ Church Planting in Niger. Well, with Niger being about 99% Muslim, that is something to pray about and seek God’s leading as well as the OWM direction on whether we can be involved if the Lord so wills.



Prayer & Praise

1. Please join us in praising the Lord for the couple of muslims who have come to faith in Christ Jesus this month and kindly pray that they will continue to be strong in their faith and withstand the persecution and challenges that they might face in their communities. Pray also that they will be true Disciples who also make other disciples.


2. Also kindly pray for the Operation Serve young Missionaries going to serve on various mission-fields for one year. Pray that they will be able to apply all that we were able to teach them in Disciple-making, Church Planting and Orality.Those going to Komba land will receive BIBLEplus units to use.


3. Finally, please pray for travelling mercies and a fruitful trip as I leave for the US tonight.

JULY 25, 2014


Special greetings from all of us. Just a quick note to confirm that the water filters were successfully packed into the truck we hired and is on its way up North right now. We are preparing to follow. Emmanuel, the OneWay Africa Volunteer is with the truck just like the last time. We pray they have a smooth journey this time around.


Thanks so much. Here are a few pictures. Will keep you posted on the developments.


God bless,


JUNE 4, 2014


Dear Precious OWM Leaders,


Thanks a million once again for all your prayers and support. Words cannot describe how this last trip to Kombaland went. We came back so grateful to the Lord and our hearts filled with unspeakable joy.


It’s something else seeing the Lord touch and transform lives in remote Komba communities.


This time around we were both in the Komba and Mamprusi Mission Fields. It was a lot of driving and traveling as we criss-crossed Northern Ghana and we thank the Lord for traveling mercies.


On this trip, we distributed all the remaining Water Filters we had at our ‘warehouse” and held Jesus Film outreaches in both Kombaland and Mamprusi areas. By God’s Grace, there were approximately 452 decisions for Christ.




All these filters could not meet the demand at this community.

This woman asked for her picture to be taken with filter and BIBLEplus+ uniter. Her gratitude was so touching!

Many decisions were made for Christ and the Spirit was at work in a special way. Many people  were delivered from demonic oppression and evil spirits and some were healed too!

MAY 7, 2014

Distribution Day!

We came back rejoicing and overwhelmed by God’s goodness and all that He is doing in Kombaland.


The recent trip had a three-fold purpose - to distribute the water filters; obtain feedback and distribute more BIBLEplus+ version 2.0 units and thirdly hold Jesus Film Outreaches. The current happenings in northern Nigeria sparked more passion and urgency in us towards the preaching of the gospel on this trip.


We really didn’t know how the distribution of the water filters would go but we are glad to report that it was a memorable process. The Chiefs and people of the Komba villages were very very grateful for this valuable gift that would improve their lives and save them from water-borne diseases.


We distributed over 300 water filters in 9 Komba villages and BIBLEplus+ units in one particular village where the Chief and every family received a BIBLEplus+ unit and a water filter. We also heard good reports of the impact of the BIBLEplus+ in villages like Nabila where we had previously distributed it.


By God’s grace, the Jesus Film outreaches in four villages also brought about 316 decisions for Christ. PTL!!!



The whole village will usually show up

This boy ran past us listening to a BIBLEplus+ unit.


A Jesus Film outreach - 96 decisions were made for Christ this night.


MARCH 28, 2014

Water Filters Opposition

Why would the enemy oppose the distribution of water filtration units, I kept asking myself It's not a Jesus Film outreach or a direct evangelistic activity.  Besides, I don't ever want to be one of the Christians who blame the devil for every challenge or mishap they face in life. So when the I complained to the man we brought the container from about the delay in bringing the container to the factory and he remarked that he faced great opposition in getting  the container to the factory and that we needed to pray, I understood him but felt he had not kept his word and was making excuses.


Then after all the 600 water units and other stuff had been loaded, the truck set off only to break down several times, with one mechanical problem after the other occurring. The driver stated that this was the first time he had faced such a situation. He said he usually traveled cross-country and across the borders to Burkina Faso and Niger and his strong truck had never broken down like that on the road. He finally managed to get the container to Zamashegu on the fourth day.


Then the new OneWay Africa truck also broke down for the first time. The engine just went off as we were heading to Zamashegu. We prayed and prayed as we waited for help. The Lord gave the mechanic Paul brought from Yendi wisdom to fix it in just a few minutes.


Reflecting over all these this week, I realized, YES, the water filters will improve the health status of the precious people of Komba land and save them from water borne diseases and early death. They will live longer and will have an opportunity to give their lives to Christ. Secondly, this act of kindness will make more Komba people encounter  the love of God in action, and thirdly the Lord can use it mightily to open the hearts of the Chiefs and people to the Gospel as well as open new doors for community transformation. This certainly is not good news to the enemy and so I can understand why there would be so much opposition.


This makes me excited because I know we are on the right path and the Lord of the Harvest is blessing His work and movement is taking place amongst the Precious Komba.


Thanks so much for praying for me always. We are indeed UNDEFEATED!!!


Yours for the cause of the Unreached Multitudes,



The truck with the 40 footer

container at the factory

The Water Filters before they were all loaded unto the container

With the Team by the broken down truck. From left.. Emmanuel, Sarah and Andrew

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